Dr. Bert Moore steps down as dean

11951713_10153165567702476_3047145495925106089_o (1)This week, Dr. Moore steps down as Dean of the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, but will retain his position as a member of the school’s faculty.  Dr. Moore has been a member of the faculty at UT Dallas for 35 years and has been the BBS Dean since 1989! The McDermott Alumni would like to recognize Dr. Bert Moore’s long time contribution to UT Dallas and as a friend of the McDermott Program.

Dr. Moore has also been a long time friend and mentor to McDermott Scholars. One of my personal memories of Dr. Moore was when he hosted the first class of McDermott Scholars for tea at the Plaza Hotel in New York City during our class trip there in December 2001. It was a generous invitation and a great memory.

We also look back fondly on the many instances that Dr. Moore helped out the McDermott Scholars and Alumni, and look forward to many more while he is still a valued member of the faculty.  Congrats Dr. Moore!

For more information on Dr. Moore’s return to the faculty, click here. 

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Surprise drop in!

The office had a surprise alumni visit this morning! Nikhil Karnik (’11) is currently at McKinsey&Company in Dallas. #lovealums @utdallasalumni

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Recruiting time!

It’s time for us to go recruiting for the newest class of McDermott Scholars! This year we are going to be recruiting potential students in two ways (that’s one more than last year!):

1. Visiting individual schools in your area during school hours or directly after school gets out. For many of us, this will be within working hours. If you are interested, the Recruitment and Selection committee will help connect you to the guidance counselors at schools in your area.

2. (NEW!) Coffee recruiting. We will arrange for you to host an informal coffee meet-up with interested students from multiple schools in your area. This will happen in the evenings or weekends, and could include multiple alumni if we can coordinate your schedules. Again, the Recruitment and Selection committee will help organize these with alumni and guidance counselors.

Email Mac Hird for more details, or check your email inboxes for the recruiting email sent out last week!

Do you have a great recruiting memory?  Share it in the comments!

Congrats to Sani Mathew Roy ’02 and Vibin Roy

Congratulations to Sani Mathew Roy ’02 and Vibin Roy on the birth of Shane George Roy, born on August 23, 2015 at 7 lbs 3 oz. We wish you all the best! sani.jpg

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McDermott Studies Abroad

Have you checked out the “Places Visited” page recently? Really it should be called “locations where McDermott Scholars have studied abroad” since that’s what it is … but that’s just too long of a name.

Check it out below, or at the link to the left.  It’s awesome to see all the various places people have studied throughout the years.  What’s up with the no-love for Canada though!? Someone has to go visit our friends to the north, eh?

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